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DIGINEXT offers a wide range of jobs and areas of activity, accessible to all levels of training. Find out about our jobs by reading what our employees have to say about their experiences.

Project Managers

Mathieu, Technical Manager

I joined the company following my work placement after having graduated. My reasons for wanting to join DIGINEXT were my interest in the fields of activity and the advanced technologies used. The chance to develop in such a challenging field, and to work as part of a highly varied team are major factors with regards to my personal motivation and professional fulfilment.

Operational Experts

Stéphane, LDT Expert Consultant and former air traffic controller

I joined DIGINEXT in 2013 after a military career as an AWACS air traffic controller. Currently, I'm responsible for training courses for the Tactical Data Links (LDT) products and for specification reviews. What I like about being with DIGINEXT is the diverse backgrounds of the people I work with and the varied assignments, the business relationships established with the customers and the relationships with my colleagues with whom I share my experience.

Project Engineers

Zakariae, Design and Development Engineer, recruited following his work placement after graduation.

DIGINEXT offered me my first career opportunity, initially as a trainee mobile application developer, then as a design engineer with Transport Information Systems. I am surrounded by colleagues who are highly motivated and passionate about their work. We all work closely together, which allows us to put our skills into practice and to acquire new ones.

Customer Support

Françoise, Customer Service Manager - Tactical Systems

I am part of the DIGINEXT team, the work is enjoyable and there are opportunities for development. I have had the opportunity to occupy different positions and to work on complex projects with colleagues from different backgrounds. Currently, I am Customer Care Manager within the Tactical Systems Division. I bring DIGINEXT expertise to the service of our customers and in my role I apply one of the core values of DIGINEXT: placing the customer at the heart of our priorities.