The Company

Funded in July 1996 and subsidiary of CS Communication & systems, DIGINEXT is located in France (Aix en Provence, Paris and Toulouse) and in UAE (Abu Dhabi).
Our aim is to achieve sustainable Customer satisfaction by continuously enhancing our portofolio of products and solutions through an active and strong R&D Policy. correlated to an exceptional array of expertise in the domains of electronic and mechanical hardware as well as critical information and simulation systems.

Skills and expertise :

- Serious games and mobility;

- 2D/3D visualization and cartography for COP;

- Live, Virtual, and Constructive simulation;

- Augmented & Virtual Reality;

- Pedagological design and définition of training systems;

- Geolocalisation;

- Tactical Data Link  (L16, L11, L22, VMF, domestic data link);

- Surface wave transmission for radar & telecommunication;

- Electronics and hardware design and development;

- High-performance and critical Information Systems;
DIGINEXT is ISO 9001 version 2008 fully certified.



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