DIGINEXT Simulation & Virtual Reality Division develops since 2000 cutting edge packaged solutions covering the most critical needs of its customers.


VirtualGeo is an authoring environment for the creation and visualisation of planet-size geographic, cartographic and architectural datasets. With more than 120 000 users in November 2012, VirtualGeo is widely adopted in the defence, aeronautics, space and energy sectors.
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INSCAPE is an integrated visual authoring environment for the intuitive creation of interactive scenarios (e.g. serious games, e-learning applications) and the rapid prototyping of user interfaces and infrastructures. It is the result of more than five years of Research and Technology Development at the forefront of the state-of-the-art.
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VisualSIM is a realtime multi-channel 3D image generator system widely deployed in defence departements and aeronautics organisations. VisualSIM interoperates with DIS/HLA platforms as well as with the Diginext L16 TactX product.


CRIMSON is a packaged solution providing operational support to the actors of the chain of command during a crisis management. It is a tool for decision support, designed by and for experts in crisis management. This solution allows you to integrate your geographic data and 3D to have a compelling tactical map, and to train different actors for command, control and decision support during critical situations. For more information click here.


DirectCGF is a disruptive Computer Generated Forces for an optimized operational efficiency:
- A breakthrough  graphical user interface for cost-effective scenario creation and animation
- Native HLA, DIS and TDL interoperability
- Easily customizable and extensible through end-users plugins
- A full catalog of platforms for a wide range of operational environments
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WAVE NG is a pioneering virtual welding training system adopted by numerous training organisation across the world.
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Vertigo is DIGINEXT's C++ SDK for the cross-platform development of robust and cutting-edge visual applications. Vertigo is made of several optional SDK modules such as VrMAN for the realtime character animation or the brand new VrGIS SDK enabling the rapid development of 2D/3D Geographic Information Systems.