Cellular phone interception is divided in 2 kinds of equipments.

Passive interception is based on the ability of a device to record and to analyze the off-the-air exchanges between the network BTS’s (Base Transmitting Station) and the targets (MS : Mobile Station). By then, this technology is completely non-signing and discreet, so neither the target nor the operator can detect this kind of interceptor.

Active interception consists of integration in the actual existing network and the generation of a new very attractive cell clone on which one the target’s mobile will register.  This approach allows a very close and strong interaction with the target’s mobile and then to obtain accurate information or possibly to take control of it.

In this context, we provide a comprehensive range of operational and proven products.
Together with our engineering and operational skills we can then provide tailor made and integrated solutions.

PIC2G - IMSI Catcher 2G
Active GSM Interceptor

ZoomPIC2G is a portable (back pack, carry on suitcase) active interceptor from the IMSI Catcher’s family.
It allows user to retrieve the strong identifiers of a cellular phone (IMEI) and of its SIM card (IMSI).
This device gives the opportunity to get information allowing the police to do legal interception by asking access to the national cell phone operators using the IMSI.
PIC2G manages to have a very strong interaction with the target’s phone and offers a lot of extended functionalities.
The detail of these complementary functionalities such as localization, selective jamming, control or call catcher, are available but subjected to specific authorizations.

PIC3G - IMSI Catcher 3G
Active 3G Interceptor

PIC3G is as well a portable active interceptor from the IMSI catcher’s family.
It allows retrieving the strong identifiers of a cellular phone (IMEI) and of its SIM card (IMSI) of the newer generation 3G phones.
This device natively allows interception in the 3G band where most of the competitors’ devices only jam the 3G band to force target’s phone to switch to 2G.
More information available soon.

ALBA100 – Wide band passive GSM interceptor

ZoomALBA100 is a tactical wide band passive interceptor.
It can handle in real time 100 channels in the whole band set 2G: GSM, EGSM, ou DCS (PCS available in option).
Which actually allows the tracking of several cells on 1 or several operators.
As a device based on wide band acquisition, ALBA100 can on the tracked BTS:
·    Handle and record in data base up 20 communications at the same time
·    Handle and record in data base ALL the SMS exchanged
·    Handle and record in data base the whole signalization exchanged between the BTS and the MS.
ALBA 100 dispose of a target database with priority management.
The signalization information allows detection of a known target in the area under control even if the target does not make any call. By then, we can handle in priority known targets even in a random listening process.

The exportation of this system and its technology is subjected to very strict exportation rules.
Please contact us for further information.