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The TAGTICE Project aims to conceive and evaluate a pedagogical environment intended for the teaching body of experimental sciences and fundamental knowledge having as major focus to engage the actors in a classroom in the innovative pedagogical processes. The TAGTICE Project intends to take as much advantage as possible of one of the newest pedagogical techniques, the serious games. Through serious gaming, pedagogical differences may be more accurately attended within a classroom where teachers face varied learning capacities. TAGTICE provides tools meant to be used as pedagogical techniques that contribute to teaching and learning. TAGTICE was digitally built to provide the teachers with the means to adapt their digital resources to their students considering their student’s profile, whether they are ordinary students or students with challenging learning capacities.

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MAGELLAN FTI is a next-generation location-based experience creation project meant to revolutionize the serious gaming industry.
Through the use of the latest technologies, MAGELLAN FTI mixes realities, blending virtual and real worlds, involving multiple participants, and evolving according to a non-linear interactive scenario and the different actions of the participants. These experiences will take multiple forms ranging from informative, educational, and entertaining in diverse domains such as cultural heritage, tourism, transport, education, lifestyle, etc.
Monster companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have already taken a deep interest into the development of such experiences. Well, watch out for MAGELLAN!
MAGELLAN is focused on delivering an unprecedented authoring environment based on visual authoring principles in order to enable non-programmers, as well as more advanced users, to cost-effectively author and publish multi-participant location-based experiences. These outdoor-mobile-experiences are radically different from traditional computer games or their mobile equivalent focusing the players’ attention on the real world around them as much as on the digital world of the game.
MAGELLAN will produce a series of guides for authors of location-based experiences that will constitute a reference for interested people as well as a foundational document for future research in the field.
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The ATTRACkTIVE project is a part of the program Shift2rail. It intends to guide, support, inform, and even entertain users throughout their entire itinerary, adapting to unforeseeable interruptions, disruptions, and events in order to propose alternative routes, including in the first and last miles. A real door-to-door travel solution including all means of transportation which will develop along with traveller’s journey; aiming to transform the travel itself into an “ATTRACkTIVE” part of the journey. This project materialises this vision and delivers seamless personalized travel support encompassing both public and private transportation portions of a journey.

The essence of the MaTHiSiS project is to create an ecosystem to assist learners in the general acquisition education as well as learners with mental difficulties. Robots able to interact with learners, mobile devices and interactive blackboards are just some examples of the platforms proposed by MaTHiSiS.
MaTHiSiS is going beyond the existing learning environments, to provide a universal learning approach from which new models of nonlinear learning schemes can be fostered in various contexts (formal, non-formal, and informal). MaTHiSiS works as a setting that accompanies learners, tutors, and caregivers through the learning process of people with or without special needs.
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CRISS is a user-driven, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud-based digital learning ecosystem that allows the guided acquisition, evaluation, and certification of digital competences in primary and secondary education, and easily scalable to other educational levels. The CRISS project aims to contribute to the modernisation of the educational and training system at different levels. CRISS proposes an innovative adaptive learning solution supported by the most advanced pedagogical methodologies and technologies that will be tested with a very large scale pilot with more than 490 schools including 25,400 students and 2,290 teachers across Europe.


The principal objective of EMOTIVE is to research, design, develop and evaluate methods and tools that can benefit the cultural and creative industries in creating Virtual Museums drawing users through the power of “emotive storytelling”. This means storytelling that can engage people, trigger their emotions, connect them to other people around the world, and enhance their understanding, imagination and, ultimately, their experience of cultural sites and content, without disrupting the story flow and emotional engagement. EMOTIVE will do this by providing to authors of cultural products the means to create high-quality, interactive, personalized digital stories.

Cultural heritage institutions nowadays face the important challenge of making their collections more engaging to visitors, while exploiting, in new forms of cultural interactive experiences, the recently developed digital libraries. CHESS is all about the research, implementation, and evaluation of an innovative technological framework that enables both experiencing personalized interactive stories of cultural sites and the authoring of these by the cultural content experts.
These interactive scripted visits are in straight connection with the visitors’ preferences making the cultural visit, a wonderful personalized experience.
Essentially, the CHESS project proposes to create narrative-driven cultural “adventures” through hybrid structures, which would continuously adapt to their visitors, extend over space and time, and involve multiple users.
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DIGINEXT was at the head of the V-City project, managing the research, development, and validation of an innovative system integrating the latest advances in Computer Vision, 3D Modeling, and Virtual Reality for the rapid and cost-effective reconstruction, visualisation and exploitation of complete, large-scale and interactive urban environments.The focus of the project on urban environments was not only made possible by the latest technological advances, but also justified. Urban environments represent one of the most important and valuable cultural heritage as acknowledged by the UNESCO.
The top European research teams involved have presented early results from the project at major international conferences such as SIGGRAPH. Based on VirtualGeo, a product from DIGINEXT, this project has been considered by the European Commission, as well as experts in the field, as an innovation of prime importance.
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VASCO, a Virtual Studio for Security Concepts and Operations, has designed, implemented and evaluated an innovative IT tool that enables security professionals and administrators to jointly formulate, test, and adjust security concepts and measures in a virtual environment. This provides a cost-effective and risk-free environment, an evidence-based scenario with an all-risk approach for the protection of government buildings. As a result of this heterogeneous use of the information, VASCO captures dynamic and visual reference scenarios created with the VASCO system. VASCO is based on VirtualGeo and Inscape, products created by DIGINEXT, , the first one providing a tool to create a complete virtual environment of the needed area, and the second one introducing dynamics, interactions, and equipments to this environment. DIGINEXT is the leader of this project, defining technical specifications, design, and implementation of the VASCO Framework, the integration of the technical results and the preparation of the commercial exploitation of VASCO. First try-outs of the system, planning and debriefing security threats and events, were done in Stockholm around an Embassy and in Leiden, on a 32 floor high building with detailed data of the whole area surrounding it. VASCO complements CRIMSON, DIGINEXT product for training and operational crisis management, as the mission planning subsystem.

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RANGER innovates by combining novel and ground-breaking Radar technologies with innovative supporting technological solutions for early warning, in order to deliver a surveillance platform that will offer tracking as well as detection, recognition, and identification of vessels far beyond existing radar systems. Furthermore, the RANGER system will seamlessly fit and contribute to the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) framework through the provision of on-demand CISE compliant services, in accordance with EUROSUR specifications.
RANGER’s most important contribution will be to significantly progress on the accuracy and long distance detection, identification and recognition capacity for small boats. Thus, drastically improving the response and intervention capacity of European SaR services and personnel, and severely reducing the expected number of casualties in the Mediterranean basin, whether it is the Greek archipelago, the southern Atlantic or the open seas of Italy and France.
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INACHUS main objective is to achieve significant time reduction for Urban Search and Rescue (USaR) operations by providing wide area situation awareness solutions for improved detection and localisation of trapped victims. The detection and localisation of victim are assisted by simulation tools for predicting structural failures and a holistic decision support mechanism incorporating operational procedures and resources of relevant actors.
INACHUS offers deeper understanding on typical scenarios regarding structural failures and damages following various types of incidents. Integrating new types of sensors and technologies for detecting and locating entrapped victims, INACHUS adds significant benefits to team coordination, mapping capabilities, Emergency Support Systems (ESS), and Common Operational Pictures (COP). DIGINEXT is in charge of the common operational picture (COP), based on CRIMSON product, providing crucial tools for geographical environment visualisation and real time interactions. The first field test was held in Ågesta, near Stockholm, testing the performance of the victim localisation sensorial solutions: seven technical demonstrations were performed with urban rescue (USaR) specialist from Sweden, the Netherlands and France.
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ZONeSEC focuses on addressing the needs for wide zone surveillance (from detection to alert) by defining a new European-wide framework. Driven by the need to yield a holistic and uniform approach, ZONeSEC redefines the issue of Security of wide zones by taking into consideration issues pertaining to costs, complexity, vulnerability, societal acceptance, and ethics. The Global Objective of ZONeSEC is to provide a complete solution for the protection of Wide zone infrastructures.
DIGINEXT’s main role in the project consists on the 3D COP (Common Operational Picture) and the Simulation subsystems definition and management: design of these subsystems, implementation of the 3D environment service, visualization and interoperability modules as well as the scenario editor. ZONeSEC uses CRIMSON as its foundation, the crisis management software created by DIGINEXT, which allows making the most out of existing COP tools and environments. The simulation part integrates the dynamic capacities of Inscape, a pertinent product not only for authoring 3D interactive scenarios but also useful as a dedicated simulation engine. The first version of the ZONeSEC system, including new kind of sensors, has been deployed in real conditions in the critical infrastructures and at the control centre ATTIKES DIADROMES, Athens’ highway administrator.
ZONeSEC website
eVACUATE, as its name properly delineates, is a project focused on addressing citizen safety during complex evacuation processes following normal and abnormal events through the creation of a holistic system able to identify, designate, and sustain a dynamic active evacuation route under any circumstances.
eVACUATE is developing the intelligent fusion of sensors, geospatial and contextual information, with advanced multi-scale crowd behaviour detection and recognition. The structured fusion of sensing information with dynamic estimated uncertainties on behaviour predictions will provide eVACUATE with better understanding on crowd dynamic models, as well as on virtual reality simulations of crowds in confined environments.
Thanks to the CRIMSON and Inscape products, DIGINEXT is in charge of the 3D COP (Common Operational Picture) and simulation subsystems, respectively. Therefore, DIGINEXT is managing the specification and design of these subsystems, the implementation of its 3D environment service and its visualisation, the interoperability modules as well as the scenario editor. These subsystems represent the main part of the user interface, involving DIGINEXT in the analysis of the end user requirements, the definition of scenarios and the validation phases.
In the frame of the eVACUATE project, CRIMSON and Inscape have been deployed into four pilot sites: the Anoeta stadium in San Sebastián, the Bilbao subway, the Athens International Airport and STX cruise ships.
eVACUATE website
The INDIGO project focused on the research, development, and validation of an innovative system which integrates the latest advances in Virtual Reality and Simulation in order to homogenise and enhance both the operational preparedness and the management of an actual complex crisis.
This system, based on DIGINEXT’s VirtualGeo and Inscape products, enables first-responders, decision makers, and policy makers to better prepare and manage a crisis, real or simulated. These innovative tools featuring a 2D/3D Common Operational Picture and enhanced collaborative tools will prove essential for training personnel and planning operations.
INDIGO gave rise to CRIMSON, a sense making solution supporting the chain of commandment and the first-responders during crisis and security operations, facilitating crisis management and co-operation across organisations and nations.
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