Working together, succeeding together!


Whether you are new to this field or are experienced, DIGINEXT can offer you many opportunities for personal and professional development. As the company grows, all of our employees grow with it. The talented staff who join us are offered the opportunity to develop in a stimulating and rewarding environment. The success of DIGINEXT is first and foremost the success of its employees. Putting people at the core of its priorities, DIGINEXT chooses to invest as much energy in developing your career as in the development of the company's projects.

Within DIGINEXT, new recruits benefit from an organised system to help them to integrate. In the course of their time with the company, they are supported in taking on responsibilities and finding out more about the company, its specialist activities, values and opportunities.

Working together is succeeding together
DIGINEXT supports the human values of working as a team, taking initiative and bringing together the skills of different employees. DIGINEXT is committed to encouraging employees to work together, and to the idea that each individual can make his or her own contribution to the innovations introduced by DIGINEXT. As your career with DIGINEXT progresses, you will become familiar with our concept of teamwork, resulting from our emphasis on communication amongst employees in order to be able to provide better service to the customers.

Development with DIGINEXT
The success of DIGINEXT is first and foremost that of its employees. We build privileged and lasting relationships with all of our employees, through projects that increase opportunities for development within the company and offer career opportunities and potential for skills development.

Diversity in recruitment profiles
DIGINEXT recognises the importance of diversity, which it considers a major factor in development. The company is committed to breaking down all barriers of discrimination and promotes equal opportunities by means of various action plans, including an action plan concerning professional equality between women and men. DIGINEXT is recognised in particular for its actions in encouraging a better family – work life balance.

A transparent recruitment process
DIGINEXT makes a commitment to candidates by offering a known and shared recruitment process, favouring the skills and experience of candidates.