DIGINEXT is proud to introduce DirectCGF, a disruptive CGF offering advanced entities behavior for network-centric operations. This new generation CGF is the result of DIGINEXT's excellence in supplying interoperable Tactical Data Links simulation systems and its expertise in building cutting-edge Simulation & Virtual Reality solutions. DirectCGF is easily customizable and extensible through end-users plugins, provides native HLA, DIS and TDL interoperability and a breakthrough in graphical user interface for cost-effective scenario creation and animation DirectCGF has been developed to generate tactical situations for simulators to improve teaching and training with more complex environments including collaborative behaviors for team members or opponents. DirectCGF can also be used in designing future systems and evaluating performances in simulated situations (systems, tactics, collaborative work etc.). This new CGF is the perfect response to test and stimulate operational systems in a fully or partially simulated environment. Thanks to its enhanced Interoperability, DirectCGF can efficiently cooperate with aggregated simulations such as MASA SWORD through HLA ownership management and aggregation/disaggregation.