DIGINEXT’s participation in the Inspirience 2014 exhibition in Bordeaux has been a huge success. We were extremely happy to welcome on our booth a large number of visitors, including major industrials and clients who have detected the potential of our product Inscape for producing a wide range of professional applications ranging from Virtual Reality environment review and inspection to Augmented Reality for component location and maintenance learning, using a mix of devices such as the Oculus Rift, Leap motion sensors, etc. Visitors particularly enjoyed the demonstration of the Augmented Reality system we developed for Alstom Transport who premiered it at the Innotrans show in Germany few weeks before. This system turns a physical mock-up into an interactive environment where users can change the external design, display details like the cabin, locate and animate components and get access to associated information… Augmented Reality Mock-up - Realised with Inscape for Alstom Transport Augmented Reality Mock-up - Realised with Inscape for Alstom Transport On the second day, we had the privilege to be visited by Mr Juppé, The Mayor of Bordeaux city, and Mr Rousser, the President of the Aquitaine Région. We would like to thank again our visitors as well as the company Immersion, the organizer of this prestigious event, for its warm welcome and the quality of the organization.