This project is supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). It began in December 2014 and will end in November 2018. ZONeSEC aims to address the needs of wide zones surveillance (from detection to alert) by defining a new European-wide framework. Driven by the need to yield a holistic and uniform approach, ZONeSEC redefines the issue of security of wide zones by taking into consideration issues pertaining to costs, complexity, vulnerability, societal acceptance and ethics. The main role of DIGINEXT in the project is to coordinate the 3D COP and Simulation work package and will more specifically be in charge of the specification and design of the COPSI subsystem, the implementation of its 3D environment service, its visualization and interoperability modules as well as the scenario editor. The ZONeSEC system performance and scalability will be validated in several pilots involving illegal unauthorized entrances to or trespassing premises; or actions to damage to or deployment of harmful devices on installations concerning Water, Oil and Transnational Gas Pipelines; Highways and Rail tracks conveyed in six European countries. For more information please click here. ZONeSEC project seeks for independent ethics and data protection expert. For more information go to: