DIGINEXT presents Inscape Augmented Reality at Laval Virtual 2015 (Booth G6-11) Discover the new product extension that enables non developers to create rich and industrial augmented reality applications. DIGINEXT confirms this new orientation by offering its customers a total autonomy and a complete workflow of production, from CAD data to end-users. The unique added value of our offer is the possibility to reuse 3D maintenance animations made with Cortona3D above the real equipments. This tool is used by a large range of leading companies such as Airbus, GE, Thales, Boeing, Snecma, Alstom, etc. (read more...) Inscape AR proposes AR templates and enables you to create in some clicks a business AR application. See step by step your 3D parts installation on reality! Our team can answer to your technical questions and exchange with you on specific needs, projects. Several demonstrations will be available: come and play with the A380 mockup discovering on a tablet the engine installation, the cabine configuration, contextual documentation, etc. See the demonstration done for Alstom Transport Training. DIGINEXT will be also present at the Augmented World Expo on June at Santa Clara. Inscape & Virtual Reality Other demonstrations will be available to make you discovering the Virtual Reality applications realised with Inscape: Paris and its monuments visit in 3D within an Oculus Rift (VirtualGeo integration), Hands-free navigation into technical data on shop with a Kinect, Serious games, Marketing simulators, etc. Location Based Services One of our European projects based on Inscape (MAGELLAN) will be also presented to introduce the ability for non-developers to create geo-localised mobile applications, for museums for example, but also for training in the factory of the future: come and play with our mobile application across the booth... Business roundtable "From training to maintenance, complementary use of VR & AR" DIGINEXT will participate to this discussion on Wednesday, April 8, 15h30. It is now possible to use CAD data to optimize content production in training and maintenance, those two areas becoming complementary thanks to new technologies: 3D technical documentation -> reuse in Augmented Reality on ground -> improve knowledge transfer. Come and discover our latest realizations in VR & AR The DGA entrusted us with the realisation of their VR Maintenance Trainer for the renovated Cougar Helicopter (we developed the same for Airbus Training over the last 10 years). Snecma chosen Cortona3D for producing its new engine IPC in full 3D, Manufacturing dpt chosed Inscape Augmented Reality for machines maintenance, etc.