3d, Augmented Reality, Industrial Augmented Reality, Maintenance Of The Future DIGINEXT is bringing Augmented Reality to industry with new InscapeAR application powered by Metaio Officially speaking, DIGINEXT is a French-based company “providing cutting-edge, scalable and interoperable Operational systems, Simulation systems and Training solutions.” In plain English? DIGINEXT is using the newest cutting edge technology to bring sci-fi levels of innovation to industry. At Laval Virtual 2015, Diginext will present the new product extension that enables non developers to create rich and intuitive industrial augmented reality applications. DIGINEXT is using the newest cutting edge technology to bring sci-fi levels of innovation to industry When selecting an Augmented Reality platform for this ambitious task, DIGINEXT decided to go with Metaio. “Thanks to Metaio technology, we are able to offer our customers a total autonomy and a complete workflow of production, from CAD data to end-users.” Says Rosemary Guillemot of Inscape. What makes Inscape AR particularly powerful is the capability to import 3D maintenance animations from theCortona3D platform. Cortona produces 3D animations from raw CAD data, meaning there is a massive library of existing content just waiting to be utilized for Augmented Reality by superimposing these 3D models to highlight construction parts on real-world objects. Combining Inscape's 3D pipeline with Metaio tracking makes it the perfect solution for Augmented Reality in industry. This tool is already in use by leading companies such as Airbus, GE, Thales, Boeing, Snecma, and Alstom. See video: Augmented Reality with Inscape for Alstom Transport DIGINEXT is also working hard to bring Augmented Reality newbies on board. Companies can access templates available by default in the software to create an industrial AR application with ease. It is then possible to experience virtual instructions rendered into the real world with just a few clicks. Metaio is extremely proud that DIGINEXT has selected our technology to power their debut in Augmented Reality for industry. With cutting edge object tracking capabilities, we can’t wait to see the industrial applications coming out of this platform. Article Courtesy: Metaio, written by Jack Dashwood.