Promoting the intermodal use of public transport is one of the springs of sustainable development and preservation of the attractiveness of large cities. In addition, transport operators look to enhance passengers experience through user-friendliness as well as to provide them with the feeling of efficiency of public transport. In this frame, the provision of real time passengers information to public transport users is a key element. Such passengers information shall take into account the following considerations :

• Availability in real time and accuracy of dynamic data

• Getting information to the passenger

• Latency or Response time

MOBILITX aims to provide innovative services for transport operators as well as passengers to meet all above the challenges.


• Helping to ensure normal operation of the means of public transport

• Supervising the transport infrastructures

• Providing travellers with their desired routes, and the actual waiting and travel times, in normal or disrupted situations.

• Taking account of personal and collective media to support travellers throughout their journeys.

• Providing travellers with a cultural and/or fun interactive experience

Key advantages

• Native incorporation of the latest interoperability standards and norms (Transmodel, Netex, SIRI, etc.)

• Enables reception and distribution of information and repositories from the various existing operational support systems, for the operator travel information managers.

• Processes "Open Data"-type public data along with Web 2.0 community data

• Modular, adaptable and scalable architecture: High service availability (24/7), Easy configuration and supervision, Possibility of providing the solution in project or hosting mode For more information about MOBILITX, please visit the product website at