Inscape new release 7.0 is coming out soon! And it comes with new exciting features!

We announced some time ago that we were proud to be part of the first companies selected by Microsoft to test the news HoloLens Headset in Europe. In the Maintenance field, we believe mixed reality is the next major evolution.The IOT (connected objects) will also be a major part of an integrated user-friendly solution.

This is why we are proud to let you know that Inscape 7.0 will support the release of Augmented Reality applications on Microsoft HoloLens Headset, and more generally on the new Windows Mixed Reality platform, including a large number of upcoming VR headsets. This integration makes it possible to create interactive 3D applications on the headset but also to easily transpose existing Augmented Reality applications created with Inscape AR onto the Hololens headset.

We are pleased to share with you the HoloLens Demos videos presented with success at Laval Virtual and Le Bourget in 2017. Microsoft was very enthusiastic about our results and showed our demo on their booth at Le Bourget to demonstrate the maintenance procedure on a Cougar (video below).

The possibilities enabled by the new Inscape 7.0 features are really promising.
Indeed the support of this new device revolutionizes the way interactive applications can be created. It is also applicable to many fields already explored with Inscape: Smart Factory, immersive VMT, Remote Assistance,Smart kitting, etc... We let you discover some realisations below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more questions!

Virtual Maintenance Trainer on Hololens
Maintenance procedure on a Cougar helicopter with Inscape AR

Maintenance Operation with Inscape AR
Maintenance Operation with Inscape AR