2015 Winter Edition

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Aix-en-Provence, March 07, 2016 - DIGINEXT, a CS Group company, today announced the release of DirectCGF 2015 Winter Edition, a major feature release that gives the possibility to easily integrate user defined models, behaviors and triggers.

DirectCGF (Computer Generated Forces) is a breakthrough simulation software for creating, configuring and running tactical scenarios involving various kinds of interacting platforms. These platforms represent simulated entities and are composed of numerical models that describe their capabilities, equipment and behaviors. DirectCGF is shipped with a full library of platforms including aircrafts, helicopters, ground vehicles, ships, missiles and civilian vehicles.

The new release covers the DirectCGF Developer version, endowed with a C# development environment containing API and documentation for extending DirectCGF with user defined numerical models, behaviors and triggers. DirectCGF 2015 Winter edition is provided with several tutorials and templates explaining step by step how to extend the product.


All DirectCGF modules have also been improved (behaviors activation based on triggers, new tools and behaviors for vehicles and army entities, new models for missile, tactical view representation, runtime interaction with the simulation, and much more...)

Application areas include design and evaluation of operational concepts, equipment and systems, or populating trainee tactical environment with semi-automated forces in order to improve realism and efficiency of training.

DirectCGF supports native interoperability with other simulators through DIS and HLA standards and communication with live or C2 systems through DIGINEXT standards Tactical Data Links solutions or through C-BML or other specific interfaces.

For a complete description of the new features, you can contact us at or meet us at ITEC 2016, booth #E122 to see our live demos.