DIGINEXT is pleased to announce the availability of the new version of the DLGU16 dedicated to the JTIDS airborne terminal (AWACS E3 implementation).

This version integrates and manages the specific CPS interface of the JTIDS Airborne Terminal, in order to provide a JTIDS E3 bus/SIMPLE gateway.

Three modes of utilisation are proposed:
- TE mode (Terminal Emulation) to directly connect the E3 mission computer or mission simulator to a SIMPLE network,
- HE mode (Host Emulation) to directly connect a tactical computer or simulator with a JTIDS airborne terminal,
- SPY mode to analyse real communication between Mission Computer and JTIDS airborne terminal.

This new product dramatically decreases the cost of the interoperability testing activities, by offering a simple and efficient interconnection to the SIMPLE community.

The DLGU16 (JTIDS E3 version) is already in use in Waddington RAF base, within the “Multi Link Test Facility” (MLFT) context for the UK MOD.