The next generation of High Frequency Surface Wave Radar

for surveillance of wide maritime areas beyond the horizon

DIGINEXT, subsidiary of CS group, is a high technology company internationally renowned for its expertise in the development of innovative technical solutions for Defence applications.
Since the last two years, DIGINEXT has focused its Search & Development effort on Sea wave propagation use for Defence systems.

STRADIVARIUS, consequence of this search effort, represents an important progress for the safety and the surveillance of the maritime approaches.

Actually, it provides the ability to detect and track small-sized vessels (trawlers) over the 200 nautical mile (Nm) range, all weather, 24/7.

Also, its innovative design reduces the environmental impact that classic HF surface wave radar can have: reduction in number of sites, adaptation to fit site geographical profile and low level radiated power.

Applications of this new radar are various: protection against piracy, illicit trafficking and counter-terrorism, illegal immigration control, fisheries protection and management...

Either standalone or integrated with other maritime surveillance sensors, STRADIVARIUS is the ideal solution for effective Homeland Security, management and protection of the EEZ against incoming threats.

Developed by an industry consortium composed of DIGINEXT, TDF and ANTHEOP, STRADIVARIUS is supported and certified by French Competitiveness Clusters.

After preliminary experiments organized in 2009 off Cancale in France, the demonstrator STRADIVARIUS should be installed in 2011 on the Mediterranean coast for the surveillance of the Gulf of Lyon.
It should be operational in the first quarter 2012.