A new SAASM MilGPS receptor chosen by the Royal Netherland Navy, a contract for the UK MOD to provide a Multi Link Test Facility (MLTF), a new generation of high frequency surface wave radar... 
DIGINEXT proves its technological potential and its innovation capacity.

DIGINEXT is a high technology company internationally renowned for its expertise in the development of innovative technical solutions for Defence applications.

Subsidiary of the CS Group since 2004, DIGINEXT has known an important growth during the last five years.

Its principal competences are Tactical Data Links, Navigation, Signal Processing and Virtual Reality.

DIGINEXT is one of the major french actors for the design of Navigation Systems.
MilGPS receptor, last product of the Diginext navigation product line, is the first ever 100% European SAASM receiver, for ship applications.

Based on the Thales SAASM GNSS 100S board, and compatible with Thales TOPSHIELD 400 electronic antenna, MilGPS receiver is an answer to the current need of the market in term of modernization.
Chosen by the Royal Netherland Navy, a framework agreement was also signed with the NAMSA allowing French Navy to test the product operationally.
Seventy equipments could be so settled on Dutch and French ships or submarines during the next two years.

Also, since 1996, DIGINEXT is focused on providing the most cost effective and innovative Tactical Data Links test and training solutions to the global data link community.
As a Tactical Data Link world wild leader, DIGINEXT gathers the biggest European Users community around its test and simulation tool TactX.
Diginext continues to show its competence in test, but integrates today training thanks to its operational system multi-connections STARLINX.


Also, Diginext elaborates an unparalleled education concept combining both theory and practical ability.

Moreover the contract MLTF (Multi Link Test Facility) for the UK MOD awarded by Diginext, confirms its leader’s position in Tactical Data Links.

Furthermore, since the last two years, DIGINEXT has focused its Search & Development effort on Sea wave propagation use for Defence systems.

Diginext launches the radar STRADIVARIUS, consequence of this search effort, which translates an important progress for the safety and the surveillance of the maritime approaches.
It is today the only sensor able to detect and track small-sized vessels (trawlers) over the 200 nautical mile (Nm) range, all weather, 24/7.
The demonstrator STRADIVARIUS should be installed in 2011 on the Mediterranean coast for the surveillance of the Gulf of Lyon and should be operational in the first quarter 2012.