HF Surface Wave Radar


Increasing maritime threats with our long range maritime surveillance radar, such as terrorism, piracy, drug and human smuggling and willingness of countries to preserve their sovereignty on their Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) have highlighted a growing need for a meaningful improvement in maritime surveillance and security systems. To address these challenges, DIGINEXT has developed a breakthrough HW Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) called STRADIVARIUS. The two main advantages of STRADIVARIUS radar are its ability to perform 24/7 surveillance of EEZ and to detect and track (up to 200NM) faster and smaller targets than any other conventional HFSWR.

Maritime Domain Awareness: detect, locate and track targets at 200Nm
The main characteristic of STRADIVARIUS is its ability to detect and track farther and smaller targets than any other HFSWR, providing a 200 Nm surveillance range for targets as small as trawler, all-weather, 24/7.
It can be used as a standalone system or integrated in an existing surveillance solution, as an excellent complement to optimize usage of existing assets such as UAVs, AIS, satellites, OPVs, surveillance aircraft, etc.
Therefore it provides an efficient way to focus other assets in high added value operations such as identification or interception.
In a context of high economic constraints, STRADIVARIUS with its low life cycle cost and its optimization of existing assets helps to reduce the global cost of Maritime Domain Awareness.

New generation of OTH (Over-The-Horizon) radar
STRADIVARIUS is a brand-new HF Surface Wave Radar (HFSWR) for cost-effective, accurate and reliable surveillance of wide maritime areas beyond the horizon, such as the EEZ.
One of the key breakthroughs of STRADIVARIUS is its unique capability to provide accurate and consistent target detection within its entire range. This continuous and homogeneous coverage can be reached as STRADIVARIUS technology is designed to manage the main challenges of modern HFSWR: Mitigation of both ionospheric and sea clutters


STRADIVARIUS - innovative technologies

STRADIVARIUS is different from conventional HFSWR for many reasons. It uses continuous digital waveforms for a lower power broadcast and consumption*.
Transmission and Reception sites are separated (bistatic architecture) and digital beam forming (antenna arrays) is used for both sites. This provides smaller radar cells and therefore better detection capabilities.
The patented fully digital code used for transmission is based on orthogonal waveforms, providing a permanent and instantaneous coverage of the whole radar detection area.
The antenna array technology, based on simple whip modules, provides one of the widest detection beam aperture (> 160┬░) and with its bistatic and very light weighted structure, STRADIVARIUS provides an optimized coastal coverage, with remarkably low visual and environmental impacts.
STRADIVARIUS matches your constraints

Any coastal topology can be studied to provide a tailor made and optimized solution with strong respect of wildlife and extremely low HF perturbations.
STRADIVARIUS is a French designed and produced radar with Dual Use export license.

Key advantages

Stradivarius unique features offer several advantages compared to any other HF radar:

Wide coverage: Up to 400km of shoreline for 200Nm coverage

Lower power: Continuous waveforms reduce transmitted power

Smaller antennas: Reducing visual and environmental impact

Easily scalable: Several radars can share the same frequencies due to patented orthogonal waveforms

Low possession cost: Mostly made of COTS for low life cycle/maintenance costs

Autonomous: One single operator can remotely control and operate Stradivarius radar through and the intuitive GUI of the command center.

Easy C4i integration: Operated as standalone solution or Integrated in C4I system as early warning sensor

One Stradivarius unit is deployed on French Mediterranean Sea, for more information, please contact us.