Maintenance and critical operation support


System maintenance is a crucial matter as it covers safety and security issues during the operation but also cost related to using a real system.

Moreover, many business areas such as airspace, rail or energy must comply with very strict standards on maintenance. This involves the creation and implementation of processes and performing maintenance procedures and compliance and verification of their implementation.

Inscape Augmented Reality

Inscape Augmented Reality

Built with industrial requirements in mind, Inscape AR revolutionizes the creation of cost-effective support applications.

Inscape RA is a specific module of Inscape (lien vers le site Inscape) software suite that is an integrated visual authoring environment for intuitive creation of interactive scenarios (e.g. serious games, e-learning applications) and rapid prototyping of user interfaces and infrastructures.

Inscape AR streamlines the creation of interactive AR content for industrial operations. It offers unrivalled productivity gains by overlaying step-by-step instructions, context specific documentation or assistance tools to the real environment. It provides also the unique capability to display technical documentation content directly on work-site.

Inscape AR applications are supported by any kind of devices including or not tracking systems such as see through glasses, tablet or even smartphone…


  • Maintenance operations in the field (inspection, damage assessment, user guide)
  • Remote assistance
  • Maintenance procedures learning
  • Assembly
  • Sales&Marketing

Key advantages

  • Complete tasks faster: Minimize manufacturing operations times and costly equipments downtime while significantly reducing costs. Inscape AR boosts the productivity of your employees by providing them with effective contextual information directly on the field. They complete maintenance, repair and inspection operations up to 75% faster and benefit from better work conditions.
  • Improve work quality: By providing contextual instructions at the right place and the right time, content created with Inscape AR dramatically reduces human errors and facilitates a first time quality approach. All required information is directly accessible, allowing less skilled to perform like trained experts.
  • Reinforce safety best practices: Reduce risks by incorporating real-time safety instructions during work execution. Dangers are displayed directly in user’s view, ensuring complete awareness of best practices instructions and avoiding incidents even in the most critical situations.
  • Reuse or create 3D technical documentation: Import animated procedures or create them directly from within the editor, and display them in 3D or AR. Inscape AR is the unique tool allowing for the visualization of native S1000D technical documentation animation directly on overlay of the real equipments.
  • Create tailored applications with full autonomy: Your industry comes with specific requirements and deserves specific solutions. Inscape AR lets you entire control over the content you create. The user interface and all the application logics are totally customizable, enabling you to develop professional looking white-label applications without requiring any programming skills.
  • Benefit from the best tracking technologies: Inscape AR leverages state-of-the-art AR technologies to provide your projects with the better of their possibilities. We rely on the most reliable marker-less tracking technologies on the market. Our unified workflow and user interface make it very simple to develop AR applications independently from the underlying technology. You just have to focus on the content itself.

3D documentation

Cortona 3D edits the world-leader authoring suite for producing effective 3D support documentation such as interactive Parts Catalogs, Maintenance Manuals, Training Materials and Work Instructions.

DIGINEXT is reseller of this technology in France and integrates Cortona 3D to its virtual and augmented reality range of products to provide the flexibility to embed user’s support documentation directly in serious games or virtual task training applications, in no more than a few clicks.


  • 3D communications for maintenance, customer support, operational procedures or training
  • Intuitive knowledge transfer that users ‘get’ easily
  • Production of interactive parts catalogs, maintenance manuals, training materials and work instructions
  • Reuse of existing CAD data or other 3D source material to author interactive 3D visualizations

Key advantages

  • No 3D or CAD expertise required
  • ISO open standards
  • Lightweight format for delivery via the Web
  • Protects design intellectual property
  • Integrates into existing work processes
  • SCORM compliant–works with any LMS
  • ‘Dynamic update’ ensures that product changes are easy to upload in support and training materials
  • Support for ATA and S1000D standards