Virtual Maintenance Trainer


Training of maintenance operators is a key issue on one hand for the good working of systems and their life duration and on the other hand to fulfill with the regulation requirements. The lack of availability of real system combined with the risk of damages requires to use alternative solution to train operators. Virtual technologies, such as Virtual Maintenance Trainer, bring new perspectives instead of conventional training means (equipment replica for example).

DIGINEXT has developed a cost-effective and innovative Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) to address these challenges of learning and practicing maintenance operations. Using such VMT, the user will take benefit from its training courses by :

  • Increasing efficiency: information is provided exactly when and where it’s needed
  • Reducing equipments downtime
  • Reducing risk of errors due to the availability of contextual information
  • Increasing safety
  • Monitoring and tracing of performed operations

Virtual Maintenance Trainer for Multirole Helicopters

Virtual Maintenance Trainer

DIGINEXT implements an innovative approach to design and develop VMT product. This approach is based on the use of a powerful Authoring tool suite called Inscape VTS which enables to rapidly and easily design and create a state-of-the-art VMT application for any kind of system (military or civilian aircraft / helicopter, land vehicle, train, tramway, plant…). Inscape VTS provides substantial reduced development time and effort and efficient streamlined workflow from requirements, to source date, to automated builds and testing.

Through Inscape VTS and its powerful SDK, the user can design by himself the trainee position, the instructor position and the training content in accordance with his training objectives.

In addition, taking into account benefits of Inscape VTS, DIGINEXT has created a VMT for cougar modernized helicopter which can be easily tailored for any other multirole helicopter from Airbus Helicopter family such as Super Puma, H125M, H225 or Caracal.


  • Components Location
  • Diagnosis and fault isolation procedures
  • Maintenance documentation follow-up
  • Trouble shooting procedures realization
  • Sounds and alerts interpretation
  • Replace & repair procedures

Key advantages

  • High fidelity immersive 3D rendering including collision management and physics simulation
  • Fault tolerant architecture allowing to resume an interrupted training session
  • Highly effective graphical and collaborative editor for an intuitive creation of training content
  • Multiple trainees real time monitoring
  • Native scalability to take into account new maintenance cards or procedures
  • Integration with enterprise databases and learning management systems (LMS)