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VirtualGeo technology selected for the French GeoPortail

VirtualGeo has been selected to be the default 3D browser of the French GeoPortail, which complies with the INSPIRE directive. Géoportail is the geographic portal of the French government whose aim is to publicize geo-referenced data about the whole French territory. Since its launch date, VirtualGeo has been used by around one million users.

CRIMSON used in Netherlands for Veteran's Day

DIGINEXT’s crisis management tool CRIMSON was used in The Hague in the offices of the Crisis Management Unit of the Police and in the field during the Veteran's Day, attended by tens of thousands of spectators as well as members of the government and the King of the Netherlands. Crimson was used in addition to conventional tools for safety purposes.

Inscape deployed within Airbus

The Inscape product is used daily by Airbus and other industrials from defence and civil security domains. Inscape is a unique visual authoring platform for cost-effectively creating and publishing interactive applications and experiences by combining and screenwriting, without coding, the most advanced forms of interactive and networked media and technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality, geo-localization, mobile systems, touchable and other advanced interfaces.