The objective of the PCI (Central Information Office of the TRANSPOLE Network) is to provide the operator of the Public Transport network in the Lille conurbation with a modern means of piloting the travel information.

Design of the network of the urban community of Lille: 162 million passengers, 60 metro stations on 2 lines, 45 bus lines and 2 tram lines. The PCI is interfaced with the various transport operating systems (bus, tram, subway, self-service bike systems) to collect real-time information and to disseminate passenger information In the form of visual or audio announcements as well as on multimedia channels (website, SMS) according to the procedures defined for the PCI. The PCI is interfaced to external systems via the proprietary interfaces of the connected systems or via the standardized interface SIRI STIF v2.2.

The main objective of the PCI is to automate and improve as much as possible the generation and distribution of the traveler information in order to increase the responsiveness and relevance of this traveler information. PCI operators control the automatic dissemination of information on the desired perimeter of the network and can intervene in real time to modify it in order to adapt it as closely as possible to the actual situation of the terrain. The business behavior of the PCI (message content, message delivery areas, message delivery criteria) is defined by scenarios developed by the operators in advance.

Project scope

Diginext provides Transpole with a turnkey application including:

- A production site with servers configured in high availability

- A backup site dedicated to being put into service during a major failure of the first site. The emergency site is permanently updated from the production site.

- Workstations for operators

- The PCI application developed by Diginext based on the MobilitX product already implemented for other major public transport operators.