As part of the global urbanization of its business information system, STIB structures its SIV architecture around a centralized system consisting mainly of a business information concentrator (Hub), a graphical user interface ( GUI) allowing to design and distribute on the STIB media the theoretical information (information on the lines, ...), real time (information on wait times, ...) and circumstantial (information about disturbances , ...) and embedded systems allowing the dissemination of information in BUS, TRAMWAY and METRO.

Technical solution :

The centralized system of the STIB is based on the MobilitX solution wich is the technical solution developed by DIGINEXT to answer the problems of concentration and exchange of passenger information in the field of public transport

The architecture of MobilitX is developed in Java oriented SOA with real time constraints and availability requirements specific to the field of public transport.

The new centralized system aims to enable STIB-MIV :

• The implementation of a global strategy for STIB passenger

• Integrate into existing systems and enable them to manage their obsolescence

• Adapt to changing needs for at least a decade

The new centralized system would allow :

• Dissemination of theoretical, actual and circumstantial information on all of parts of the STIB network in a multimodal context (multi-carrier, multi-system)

• Content management for broadcast via new displays (Full HD TFT screens, )

• Improved administration with quality of service management

• Mulitilingualism with a parity between the French and Dutch languages