The FAF, assisted by DIGINEXT, has deployed the SOLSTICE system as the primary L16 training capability in support of the most famous joint allied air exercise in Europe, the NATO Tiger Meet that brought 18 nations and 70 aircrafts together at Cambrai AFB.

For the first time ever, SOLSTICE has allowed the FAF to establish a multi-MIDS network at low, medium and high altitude to sustain 280 sorties including air-to-air, air-to-ground operations and COMAO (Composite Air Operations). Connected to a Multi-Radar Tracking System (MRTS), SOLSTICE has been able, amongst others, to disseminate a Common Operational Picture (COP) to the L16-capable assets while providing both Ground-Controlled Interception (GCI) and Range Training Officer (RTO) capabilities.

DIGINEXT is proud that numerous national and international participants including high-rank officers, pilots, controllers and engineers have acknowledged the system to be powerful, flexible, cost saver and capable of maintaining continuous seamless L16 connectivity amongst the forces over the exercise wide geographical area without impact on interfaces and operation routines from legacy systems.