Our mission is to supply reliable, innovative, and interoperable solutions and software, that combine both digital and real worlds, and to maintain them in operational condition in order to support our customers in defining, developing and validating their systems. In addition we provide supervision and monitoring of complex operations or missions together with training and support for operators.

Created in July 1996 and a subsidiary of the CS Communication & Systèmes Group since 2005, DIGINEXT is a human scale company, recognised internationally for its ability to innovate, its excellence and responsiveness, as well as for the quality, reliability and performance of the systems and solutions that it offers.

Working in a dual role in both the Civilian and Military sectors, DIGNEXT adopts a development strategy combining specialist and technical expertise to address the following niche markets:

  • Tactical Data Links
  • Simulation, Modelling and Virtual, Augmente, Mixed Reality
  • Security maintenance and crisis management
  • Multimode passenger information systems
  • Navy navigation systems
  • Long-range HF radar for maritime surveillance
  • Training of armed forces
  • Training and support for maintenance operations 

DIGINEXT products and services build on proven innovation thanks to a proactive and dynamic self-financing R&D policy, also supported by funded research projects. The technical know-how of DIGINEXT also gives rise to expertise in project management and system integration, definition and ergonomics for user interfaces (UX process). Mapping capabilities, definition studies for specific electronic and mechanical systems, high-performance architecture, simulation and augmented or virtual reality are all integrated.

This allows DIGINEXT to be a trusted partner providing total and sustained satisfaction for our customers and working in accordance with the following operating modes:

  • Software publisher and associated services,
  • Supplier of turn-key systems
  • Custom design of specialist solutions

Positioning in our markets

  • European leader and major supplier to the NATO member countries for Tactical Data Link testing systems (TACTX2 )
  • Acknoweldged world-class expertise in the field of simulation and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (DirectCGF, INSCAPE, VirtualGeo) and training of forces
  • Only non-US supplier of GPS P(Y) SAASM in the maritime field (MILGPS)
  • Bearer of a technological breakthrough product in the field of long-range HF surface wave radar (STRADIVARIUS)
  • Supplier of tactical systems used in OPEX
  • Compelling references in the field of real-time multimodal passenger information systems (RATP, STIB, KEOLIS Lille, RTM...)

Key facts and figures

  • More than 500 systems delivered across more than 40 countries.
  • Specialist and technical expertise in the service of our customers for nearly 20 years
  • Investment of 20% of turnover in R&D
  • The flexibility of a smaller company supported by a large group (CS Communications & Systèmes) Installations on multiple sites in France combined with a network of partners and export retailers
  • ISO 9001 certification version 2008 for all activities associated with the design and implementation of complex computer systems