Our values

DIGINEXT has developed five key values shared by all of its employees. These values reinforce the ethical image of the company and symbolise the confidence entrusted in DIGINEXT by its customers and partners.

  • Putting people at the heart of our priorities
    The success of DIGINEXT is first and foremost the success of its employees. The company puts people at the centre of its priorities, encouraging trust, recognising the involvement of each and everyone with the aim of encouraging personal development.
  • A customer-oriented strategy
    Customer satisfaction is our top priority; all of our employees are mobilised and involved in a policy built on the basis of listening to customer needs, of organisation, commitment and innovation. DIGINEXT involves its customers in the development of the HMIs for its products (UX process), in their Road Maps (User Wish List) and in the design of solutions (AGILE development methodology)
  • Innovation
    Innovation is one of the core elements of DIGINEXT. By investing more than 20% of turnover in R&D, the company provides itself with the means to create increasingly innovative products, ensuring sustained growth. This innovation is backed up in parallel with continual monitoring of technological developments.
  • Responsiveness
    Being attuned to our market and reacting rapidly to it as changes take place - such is the challenge for a technological company such as DIGINEXT. This is achieved by a high level of flexibility, combining skills across a range of disciplines with a proactive mindset and a source of proposals.
  • Partners in success
    Developing partnerships with stakeholders, pooling and sharing human and financial resources in order to increase the potential for development and to improve understanding of the market - this is the strategy of DIGINEXT