The ALADDIN project, coordinated by DIGINEXT, aims to research develop and validate an innovative system integrating the latest research advances in Detection, Classification, and Neutralisation of rogue/suspicious Drones/UAV in order to enhance the effectiveness of operational protection of people, population and sites.

This project will significantly improve existing protection capacities in order to fulfil critical end-user needs against growing threats or our communities and critical infrastructures. ALADDIN will propose number of progresses in the field of sensors and neutralisation effectors for rogue/suspicious drone/UAV. Thanks to a robust open architecture, ALADDIN will enable the integration of multiple sensors and neutralisation means as well as third-party extensions of the ALADDIN system.

In addition to the coordination of this research project, DIGINEXT is also in charge of the advanced Command & Control capacities, including 3D cartography, as well as the mixed reality device used by operators to locate and indetify UAVs faster.