Reference Transport

DIGINEXT boards the European Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking

"Shift2Rail" is an ambitious public-private partnership which will manage a 7-year work program of targeted research and innovation to support the development of better rail services in Europe. It will develop and accelerate the bringing to market of technological breakthroughs.

The S2R project involves all of Europe’s rail industry suppliers, including innovative small and medium enterprises as well as big rail equipment manufacturers and rail operators.

DIGINEXT is participating to the research and innovation program to develop new IT solutions and services for the traveler during his journey. The modern traveler requires a complete door to door assistance covering assistance for the public transports as well as for the first and last mile with personal transports. Additional useful services based on the location and on the profile of the traveler are also in the scope of the S2R projects.

The contributions of DIGINEXT is based on our experience on multimodal services with MobilitX and mixed reality for interactive and innovative assistance to the traveler.

MOBILITIX used by the RTM in Marseille

When RTM, the public transport operator of the second biggest town of France, has decided to renovate the whole information system, Mobilitix has been chosen to be the backbone of the new information system.

MobilitX is a real-time high performance reliable backbone dedicated to high-speed and massive transport information exchange. MobilitX is gathering all the information related to transport, reference information as well as real time information, producing added value services and information and delivering the information to the transport actors and the passengers.

MobilitX already implements the emerging standards of the transport sector: Transmodel IFOPT, NETEX, SIRI, NEPTUNE. The central position of MobilitX and the implementation of the transport standards allow the RTM to move the information system smoothly component by component and to minimize or even avoid specific developments by adding the new components.

MOBILITX used by STIB in Brussels

MOBILITX, DIGINEXT’s a real-time high performance reliable backbone dedicated to high-speed and massive transport information exchange, has been selected by STIB (Brussels Transport Operator) to meet public transport network's needs for providing innovative services to transport operators and passengers information system and displays