Reference Defence

TACTX multi-link simulation and test system used by UK MoD

DIGINEXT, in partnership with Synthesys, has won a five-years contract with the United Kingdom MoD to provide an interoperability service for major military platforms (E-3D, Sea King ASAC and Type-45 destroyers) using test and simulation tools (TactX product line), as well as both companies expertise in tactical data links.

STARLINX L16/JREAP C2 system selected by French Army for Operation Serval In Mali

As part of the Operation SERVAL trigger, the French Armed Forces have used the Data Link System JREAP (Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol) developed by DIGINEXT

The Theater of Operation over Mali SERVAL, considering the strains and lack of permanent radars means (the radar coverage of the Operational Armed Forces’ progression area is only obtained in the presence of the AWACS) makes the coordination in 3D particularly difficult. Joint Forces Chief is thus deprived of a part of his freedom of action, reducing his ability to choose the necessary means and to assure an efficient flow of actions.

To improve the interaction between C2 centers in charge of the 3D coordination, DIGINEXT has equipped the French Armed Forces with three JRE systems to extend the L16 from a line-of-sight capability to an over-the horizon capability.

DirectCGF in use within Dassault Aviation

DIGINEXT has been awarded a contract from DASSAULT AVIATION for the acquisition of DirectCGF tactical environment simulation systems to be used for the ATL2 and RAFALE F3R upgrade programme. In addition, DirectCGF has been selected as referenced Computer Generated Forces (CGF) for the future RAFALE export programs.

SYMULZUB: urban warfare training system using live simulation for French Army

Symulzub is a new generation of training centre for the French Defence encompassing several disruptive innovations enabling the realistic and safe training of fighters in real urban environments.

Thanks to the instrumentation of trainees, vehicles, weapons, and urban infrastructures, the system provides a wide range of factual indicators like the real-time position and the operational state of fighters and targets or the building attritions. It allows the pedagogic team to focus on the tactical aspects of the training rather than on arbitration issues. DIGINEXT provides the Exercise control (Excon) center for the Symulzub project.