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RANGER innovates by combining novel and ground-breaking Radar technologies with innovative supporting technological solutions for early warning, in order to deliver a surveillance platform that will offer tracking as well as detection, recognition, and identification of vessels far beyond existing radar systems. Furthermore, the RANGER system will seamlessly fit and contribute to the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) framework through the provision of on-demand CISE compliant services, in accordance with EUROSUR specifications.

RANGER’s most important contribution will be to significantly progress on the accuracy and long distance detection, identification and recognition capacity for small boats. Thus, drastically improving the response and intervention capacity of European SaR services and personnel, and severely reducing the expected number of casualties in the Mediterranean basin, whether it is the Greek archipelago, the southern Atlantic or the open seas of Italy and France.


The essence of the MaTHiSiS project is to create an ecosystem to assist learners in the general acquisition education as well as learners with mental difficulties. Robots able to interact with learners, mobile devices and interactive blackboards are just some examples of the platforms proposed by MaTHiSiS.

MaTHiSiS is an educational platform providing every type of learner, in every type of setting, on the device they have at their disposal, with a bespoke, individualised learning experience that is adapted to their personal requirements.

MaTHiSiS is going beyond the existing learning environments, to provide a universal learning approach from which new models of nonlinear learning schemes can be fostered in various contexts (formal, non-formal, and informal). MaTHiSiS works as a setting that accompanies learners, tutors, and caregivers through the learning process of people with or without special needs.


The TAGTICE Project aims to conceive and evaluate a pedagogical environment intended for the teaching body of experimental sciences and fundamental knowledge having as major focus to engage the actors in a classroom in the innovative pedagogical processes. The TAGTICE Project intends to take as much advantage as possible of one of the newest pedagogical techniques, the serious games. Through serious gaming, pedagogical differences may be more accurately attended within a classroom where teachers face varied learning capacities. TAGTICE provides tools meant to be used as pedagogical techniques that contribute to teaching and learning. TAGTICE was digitally built to provide the teachers with the means to adapt their digital resources to their students considering their student’s profile, whether they are ordinary students or students with challenging learning capacities.


MAGELLAN FTI is a next-generation location-based experience creation project meant to revolutionize the serious gaming industry. Through the use of the latest technologies, MAGELLAN FTI mixes realities, blending virtual and real worlds, involving multiple participants, and evolving according to a non-linear interactive scenario and the different actions of the participants. These experiences will take multiple forms ranging from informative, educational, and entertaining in diverse domains such as cultural heritage, tourism, transport, education, lifestyle, etc. Monster companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have already taken a deep interest into the development of such experiences. Well, watch out for MAGELLAN!